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Template G

A sales-orientated, product-based template; containing information pages, category pages and product pages in a highly-graphical, structured format.
Includes three columns on every page; centre column for the page information with a left-hand column of randomly chosen products (different on every page as visitor navigates the site) and a right-hand column containing the product/service categories. Able to link to an eCommerce shop. Suitable for many product sectors (clothing, shoes, garden furniture, any small to medium sized retail outlet) and for service industries (construction, engineering, vehicle servicing etc).

  • Four business related header images
  • Up to 10 information pages
  • Up to 20 category pages
  • Up to 100 product pages
  • Top menu of information pages
  • Left column of random products
  • Right column of category menu
  • Up to 10 sections per page each with...
  • title
  • paragraph of text
  • ...up to 10 images
  • ...and up to 25 bullet points
  • Clear
  • Consise
  • High Graphical Impact
  • Your choice of colours and fonts
  • Your choice of page/menu names
  • Up to 50, 100 and 150 page options

Example of Template G Home Page

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