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Template A

A clear and consise design aimed at small and medium sized business offering services; for example, building works and general construction, cleaning, storage, gardening.

  • Business logo on all pages
  • Large image on home page
  • Bullet points on home page to indentify key business services
  • Accreditations area on home page
  • Menu bar and drop-down box
  • Page 2 onwards of standard design...
  • ...up to 100 images per page
  • ...up to 10 section headings per page
  • ...up to 10 paragraphs per page
  • ...up to 250 bullet points per page
  • Clear
  • Consise
  • High Impact
  • Your choice of colours and fonts
  • Your choice of page/menu names
  • Up to 6, 12, 18 and 50 page options

Example of Template A Home Page

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