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Template D

A bordered, centered website with minimal menu, simple header and clear pages. Designed to be snappy and appear ‘business-card like’ to the visitor. This template contains an optional gallery function so is suitable to art, painting, sculpture, antiques and similar business. It`s simple format lends itself to professional sectors such as chiropody, counselling, psychotherapy and other health services.

  • Business logo tops all pages
  • Gallery function, scroll through 100 images per gallery...
  • ...with 10 image thumbnail summary page
  • Simple menu top left
  • Up to 3 sections per page each with...
  • title
  • paragraph of text
  • image
  • ...and up to 25 bullet points
  • Email form available
  • Different large image on each page
  • Clear
  • Consise
  • `Business Card` format
  • Your choice of colours and fonts
  • Your choice of page/menu names
  • Up to 6 or 12 page options plus 1000 gallery pages

Example of Template D Home Page

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