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Template E

A professional format with broad header and footer background images, with menu and contact details overlaid. In each page, text wraps around images, alternating left and right. This template contains a `download` section; allows you to upload and offer documents to your visitors - case studies, specifications, sales brochures etc.

  • Broad background image header, with menu overlaid
  • Active/Inactive tabbed menu bar
  • Document downloads links
  • Gallery page style
  • Optional right-hand column
  • Up to 10 sections per page each with...
  • title
  • paragraph of text
  • ...up to 10 images
  • ...and up to 25 bullet points
  • Email form available
  • Broad background footer image, contact details overlaid
  • Clear
  • Consise
  • Your choice of colours and fonts
  • Your choice of page/menu names
  • Up to 6, 12, 18 and 50 page options

Example of Template E Home Page

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