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Do you need a small business website?

The number of people that start a purchase with an internet search is increasing every day. Some will complete the purchase online but others will produce a shortlist of potential suppliers before telephoning or visiting retail premises. But without a website, you are missing from that shortlist! How many potential customers have you missed?

LTP - On-line shop for tile cleaners, sealants and maintenance products

Reduce costly expenditure

Save £££s on traditional advertising and marketing, brochures and sales literature by posting information just once, on a website...

Extend your trading hours

Why trade 9-5 in a restricted locality when you could trade 24/7 on the internet - potentially worldwide!

Three steps to a website...with technobabble explained

We will advise you all the way with website names, design, development and hosting. You need three elements to complete your website - website name (known as a domain name), the site itself (known as html) and somewhere to host it (so that it is available 24/7 on the internet).

  • Starting from nothing...
  • ...first year cost as low as £110.40
  • ...second year cost, £42.00
  • ...third year cost, £60.40
  • ...second/third repeat bi-annually
  • Easy to amend...
  • ...clear budget, no unexpected bills as...
  • ...all site amendments are free, using our `back office` facility
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  • Contact us for more information on how first year costs can be as low as £110.40